Customer Advisory : Novel Coronavirus - Operation Update
20 Feb 2020

Dear Delighted customer

Regarding outbreak of novel coronavirus; (COVID-19 Official name by The World Health Organization), across mainland China, result in some cities lock down for quarantine measures across the county.

Refer to China’s Government announced to prolonged Lunar New Year 2020 holiday further. In order to prevent risk of infection, ensure the safety and health of our staffs, to comply with local government regulations and to complete RCL HQ business requirements,

Updated operation of our China local office

Other location operation

There are also some of the area in Asia that had announced quarantine measure procedure against this Novel virus outbreak as the result of that procedure, operational delay may be expected. RCL acknowledged and aware the situation closely. Monitoring is our duty to do so to maintain and comply with each local measures issued by the authorities to decrease the risk infection and focusing the best for life, health, and safety in every parties.

We thanks you for your good support for RCL and your kind understanding regarding this situation

About RCL
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