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Investor FAQs


RCL’s General Information

1) What is RCL’s core business?

     1. Shipper-owned-container
     2. Carrier-owned-container
     3. Value-added logistic services

The geographical business scope is Asian-centric, with business activities covering North Asia, Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, and Africa.

A network of offices comprising both owned offices and agency representations supports the direct links with the company’s customers.

2) Where can I get the latest business and investor news about the company?

Please visit our News and Press Releases and Investor Relations News web pages for the latest business and investor relations news

3) What is RCL’s dividend policy?

The Company has set the policy to pay dividends to the shareholders at the rate of not exceeding 50% of the consolidated net earnings upon obtaining approval from the shareholders based on majority votes at general meetings.

The Board of Directors may declare an interim dividend to the shareholders from time to time if the Board opines that the earnings of the company justify such payment. The dividend payout, when made, shall be reported to the shareholders at the next general meeting.

4) Where can I find out more about RCL?

Please click here to learn more about our company profile, vision, mission, and core values.


RCL’s Fleet and Vessels

1) How many vessels does RCL have, and what are their sizes?

As of 1 March 2023, the Group currently operates a fleet of 44 container vessels with sizes ranging from 388 TEUs to 11,714 TEUs and a container box fleet of 150,000 TEUs comprising both owned and leased boxes.

2) Which are RCL’s largest vessels, and how much income do they generate?

Our two largest Thai flag vessels are a capacity of 12,000 TEUs each and have a long-term contract with ‘SIP’ company which are, namely ZIM THAILAND and ZIM BANGKOK.

The first vessel was received in October 2022 and started generating income in November 2022. The average income is approximately USD 65,000 per day, generating USD 4,000,000 million in Q4/22.

As for the second vessel, we took delivery at the end of February 2023, and it started generating income from March 2023 at the same rate as the first vessel.


RCL and Environment

1) What are RCL’s current environmental practices?

RCL strictly complies with Thai and international laws and regulations, such as the rules of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to maintain the social and public environment.

Our environmental practices cover the reduction of both marine and air pollution (more information can be found on our Sustainability page.)

2) What is the plan for reducing carbon emissions?

Firstly, we have sold inefficient vessels and bought new ones with low fuel consumption. Secondly, we have adjusted the shipping route to ensure our vessels consume lower fuel per trip. We are also studying the type of low-carbon emission fuel we will use in the future (such as LNG, Methanol, Ammonia, or Hydrogen) to reduce carbon emissions

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